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Structural Steel Fabrication

Systems Fab & Machine has the experience in the fabrication of structural steel for industrial, municipal and commercial structures. Utilizing our SDS/2 Steel detailing software, we are able to generate wire frame drawings of complex structures and then let SDS/2 automatically generate connections. Once drawings are checked, we can download CNC files for all members and connection material to then be processed on our CNC beam lines, CNC angle line, CNC plate duplicator or CNC plate burning table. This stream lined process of taking information from engineering drawings to the shop floor saves our customers time and money and reduces the potential for human error.

Fab & Machine has many years of experience fabricating all types of industrial structural steel including; concrete embeds, buildings, process structures, pipe racks, crane girders, large panel trusses, box trusses and cambered beams. In the commercial market we have fabricated structural steel for Major League Baseball parks, hospitals, schools, and office buildings.

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Fab & Machine has a stringent quality control philosophy and is an AISC ~ American Institute of Steel Construction Certified Fabricator For Standard Building Structures.  We have several team members who are either AWS ~ American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors or Certified Associate Welding Inspectors.

The coating requirement of your structural steel is not a problem either. We have both sandblasting and shot blasting capabilities for the surface cleaning and preparation and whether your specifications require basic shop primer or an elaborate multi-coat painting system we have the experience to provide it along with AISC Sophisticated Painting Endorsements P2 and P3 to ensure you get a quality coating. Hot Dipped Galvanizing is a regular requirement from some of our industrial customers and we have relationships with many subcontract galvanizing facilities in the region.

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