Large Ductwork & Stack Fabrication

Rolled and bent plate is one of Systems Fab & Machine’s specialties. Whatever the configuration of your ductwork: square, rectangular or round we have the means to produce it. Anything from a single shipping section stack to a multi section/multi diameter stack – nothing is too complex for Fab & Machine. Our experience allows us to fabricate to your specifications with any grade of material that your project requires.

The following is a brief list of the types of Ductwork and Stacks that Fab & Machine has produced:

  • Large Diameter Ductwork
  • Round Ductwork
  • Square Ductwork
  • Rectangular Ductwork
  • Square to Round Transitions
  • Rectangular to Round Transitions
  • Turbine Exhaust Stacks
  • Thermal Oxidizer Stacks
  • Flare Stacks
  • Reheat Furnace Stacks
  • Ladle Metallurgy Furnace Ductwork
  • Reheat Furnace Ductwork
  • Combustion Air Ductwork
  • Stainless Steel Ductwork

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